The unique features of VisiJet® PXL include the following:

Best Color and Whiteness

  • Brightest whites
  • Close to 90% reproduction of CMYK colors on the ProJet® 660Pro and 860Pro
  • Improved color accuracy for light tones
  • Multiple Color settings on ProJet® 660Pro and 860Pro for
    more customized models.


Salt Water Cure™ finishing option with Epsom Salt

  • Easy and user-friendly post-processing option – only water and salt are required to seal and strengthen your monochrome printed parts

Great Versatility for all applications

Compatible with Salt Water Cure™, Wax, ColorBondTM and StrengthMaxTM – something for every application


Safe and Eco Friendly

  • Safe to dispose of waste prints and VisiJet® PXL in conventional trash.
  • Non-toxic
  • No hazardous fumes