Spray the part

  1. Place your part on a flat surface coated with paper towels or wax paper.
    Tip: Spread extra towels or paper around the area to catch any overspray. This will make cleanup easier. Overspray can be wiped up with a damp sponge or cloth.
  2. Lightly coat one side of your part with a fine mist from a
    distance of one to two feet (30-50 cm). DON’T TRY TO
    – just a light misting is good. Make
    sure the entire side is coated. Avoid touching the part where it has been sprayed.
  1. Carefully turn the part and coat the other side with a similar fine mist.

    Note: Fine structures/protrusions may be delicate. Over-saturating with water may cause drooping/breakage of such fine structures.

  2.  Let the part air dry for at least 5 minutes before moving it.
    Tip: A fan or hair dryer can be used to harden the surface layers more rapidly. This allows for quicker handling. Note the part may still be weak, so handle with care.