Preparation Before Application

Prepare the Part

  • Place a sheet of non-stick material (freezer or wax paper) on your work area for easy clean-up. Have extra ready to place your part on as it cures.
  • Have a supply of paper towels ready to be used to absorb excess StrengthMax™.
  • All part surfaces should be clean, dry and free of contaminants prior to applying StrengthMax™.
  • For best results, the part should be oven dried for 2-4 hours at 100°F (40°C), depending on part volume and wall thickness, to dry any excess moisture left in the part after depowdering.
  • Parts can be sanded prior to infiltration to improve surface finish. Start with 100-grit paper and continue to 220-grit if a smoother finish is desired. Remove all loose material before infiltrating.