StrengthMax™ Large Bottle


Caution: The curing reaction generates heat. Do not mix more than the recommended volume. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment. Use only under a ventilated hood.

  1. Dispense StrengthMax™ into a sturdy plastic container. The ideal ratio is 100 parts resin to 41 parts hardener by volume.
  2. Mix 5 pumps of resin with 2 pumps of hardener into a sturdy plastic container.
  3. Mix only what you need. Working time decreases as the quantity of epoxy mixed increases. If applying on a very large part, mix several small batches instead of a single large batch to extend your working time. Working time of 45 minutes for a 500 g mass.
  4. Mix thoroughly for 2 minutes before application.
  5. Do not cover the container in which the resin and hardener are mixed.


StrengthMax™ Small Kit

  1. Pour 1 entire bottle of hardener into 1 can of resin.
  2. Mix thoroughly for 2 minutes
  3. Working tie is approximately 50 minutes.