Mini Bench


MiniBench provides an excellent grated surface to position printed parts for treatment with Colorbond. The table is designed with an internal fan and filter to reduce the Colorbond odor and to aid in the drying time of the part.

Supplies Needed

  • Non-stick protective paper or wax paper
  • A large supply of paper towels
  • Personal protective equipment
  • A container large enough to submerge your part (if necessary)
  • Colorbond


NOTE:  MiniBench should only be used in a well-ventilated room.

  1. Open the packaging and remove the MiniBench.
  2. Place MiniBench on an stable surface capable of supporting 50 lbs.
  • The appliance inlet is the mains disconnect device and the MiniBench unit should be positioned to allow the operator access.
  • The MiniBench is only intended for direct connection to an earth outlet receptacle.
  • Power supply cord replacement: only replace with an equivalently rated supply cord.



Safety glasses should always be worn when treating your parts with Colorbond.

WARNING: Safety gloves should always be worn when treating your parts with Colorbond.

CAUTION: Personal protective equipment (PPE) including the use of a respiratory mask and protective clothing is strongly recommended.


WARNING: When Colorbond penetrates a printed part, a chemical reaction will make the part's temperature increase. Exercise caution when adding Colorbond to your parts and handle them appropriately.

CAUTION: Dispose of all post-processing waste according to your local laws and statutes.

  1. Connect the MiniBench to utility power and power it on.

NOTE: The power switch is located on the right side of the table.

 CubeBench_Switch3 no logo.png

  1. Place a piece of non-stick paper on top of the grate. 

NOTE: The non-stick paper should be as large as the footprint of your part. Do not cover the entire top grate because that will prevent the internal fan from working as intended.

Top2 no logo.png 

  1. Place your part on top of the non-stick paper.
  2. Add Colorbond to your part.

NOTE: For more information, refer to the section of this guide titled "Using Colorbond."

CAUTION: If any Colorbond spills onto the MiniBench, clean the spill with paper towels before the Colorbond can harden.

  1. Once the part has been completely treated, leave the part on top of MiniBench for at least one hour while the part cures. Leave MiniBench running so the fan can reduce the post-processing odors.
  2. Once the part has completely cured, remove the part from the grate. Properly dispose of all waste and then power off the MiniBench.


The filter should be frequently checked and replaced when needed.

  1. Power off the MiniBench and disconnect the power cord from utility power.
  2. Remove the grate from the top of the MiniBench.

Remove_Grate-01 no logo.png

  1. Remove the filter from inside the cabinet and inspect it. 

Remove_Filter-01 no logo.png

  1. If necessary, replace the filter and insert it back into the cabinet.

Install_Filter-01 no logo.png

  1. Reinstall the grate on top of the MiniBench.

Install_Grate-01 no logo.png