Network Errors/Packet Timeout

Explanation: The Packet Time Out error is a result of lost or impaired communication between the printer and the PC.

A Packet Time Out error may also occur if the file is too large and the PC cannot transfer the file data fast enough. For example, some files may be layer-data heavy, meaning that the bulk of the data is in a small quantity of layers.

Solution: Check for these problems:

  • The PC used to control the printer may:
  • Be too busy running other applications.
  • Be running a virus or spyware scan.
  • Be in a “sleep” or “suspend” mode due to power management settings.
  • Not meet the minimum system requirements. See the minimum system requirements in Chapter 1, Overview.

The printer’s network connection may be lost

  • Printer’s network cable may be unplugged, or damaged.
  • Server is not responding.
  • Network is too busy.