ProJet CJP 460Plus

ProJet® 460Plus

Printer Power requirements
90-100V, 7.5A
110-120V, 5.5A
208-240V, 4.0A

Note.png Note: At 100-115V, a 20A circuit is required and the system ships with the appropriate 20A plug. Due to high amperage, a dedicated circuit is strongly recommended.

Approximately 52 watts are required when the printer is in Sleep mode.

Printer dimensions
48 x 31 x 55 inches
(122 x 79 x 140 cm)

Printer weight
395 lbs (179 kg)
Printer: None
Core Recycling Unit: None

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Operating Conditions:
Ambient Temperatures:

  • Maximum Temp. Range: 55-80° F (12.7-26.6° C)
  • Recommended Temp. Range: 55-75° F (12.7-23.8°C)

Ambient Relative Humidity

  • Maximum RH Range: 15-65%, non-condensing
  • Recommended RH Range: 20-55%, non-condensing
  • May experience sub-optimal performance at extremes.

Noise Levels

  • During Printing = 57dB
  • Emptying Overflow = 66dB
  • Vacuuming - Cover Open = 86dB
  • Fine Core Removal = 80dB