ColorBond™ Dipping Kit - Quick Start Guide

CAUTION: Before using the ColorBond Dipping Kit, adhere to all guidelines for personal protection and safe handling of these materials as described on the label, in the full User Guide, and in the MSDS/SDS.


Kit contents:

  • ColorBond Instant Infiltrant (quantity varies by kit)
  • Protective Equipment:
    • Safety glasses
    • Premium, non-stick gloves
  • Tools:
    • Plastic container
    • Funnel
    • Paper towels
    • Non-stick paper sheets
    • Storage bottles (Large dipping kit only)




  • Dry parts to be infiltrated.
  • Put on personal protective equipment.
  • Lay down one protective sheet (glossy side up).
  • Have several pieces of paper towel ready.
  • Turn ON ‘Post Process Filter’ (ProJet® 660 Pro) or ProBench
  • Mini Bench

Infiltration Station, or other means of ventilation/filtration.



  • Empty bottles of ColorBond into container.
  • Dip your part in gently.
  • After a few seconds, remove the part.
  • Drain excess liquid.
  • Promptly remove any ColorBond that pooled on the surface
    of the part using paper towels.

CAUTION: Parts will become warm and may emit visible vapor. This is normal.





Lay your part on the protective sheet and allow to cure for 15-30 minutes.



  • Using the funnel, pour ColorBond back into the bottles.
    Be careful not to overflow the bottle.
  • Store in cool area, away from heat and moisture.


NOTE: A complete ColorBondTM User Guide is available at: