The Right-Button Pop-Up Menu

The Right-Button Pop-Up Menu is accessed by clicking the right mouse button. It is also called the Rightclick Menu.Depending on whether a part is selected or not, different choices in the menu will be active.

  • The Right Button Popup Menu is a quick-access menu of commands that are a combination of the Edit and Transform menu commands, plus the Export .ply command, which is also on the File menu.


  • To make additional copies of your part in 3DPrint, select the part, then choose Edit > Copy, or press Ctrl-C on your keyboard. Paste the file by choosing Edit > Paste, or by pressing Ctrl-V on your keyboard. You may copy and paste between different open windows within the same 3DPrint session.
  • Any copied part is kept on the clipboard until the clipboard is emptied. If you have copied and stored a large part, or several parts on the clipboard, empty the clipboard by selecting Edit > Empty Clipboard. Emptying the clipboard will reduce the amount of memory used.
  • To delete a part, select the part and choose Edit > Delete, or press the Delete key on your keyboard.
  • Any action that has been applied to a part can be undone. Choose Edit > Undo, or press Ctrl Z on your keyboard, to cancel the last action applied to the part.