Open Files In 3DPrint

When you launch 3DPrint, the Open dialog displays for you select a file to print. Use the Open dialog to load a single Build file (.zbd, .bld), or one or more Part files, (.3ds, .wrl, .stl, .ply, .zpr, etc.), into 3DPrint.

By default, when a file is opened or imported, 3DPrint will:

  • Warn you if any piece of the part falls out of Build Bed bounds. To change this option, see Section “General Tab”.
  • Orient imported parts for the fastest print times. To change this option, see Section “Import/Export Tab”.
  • Fast Render parts larger than 300 thousand facets. To change this option, see Section “Rendering Tab”.

If a Part file is created with dimensions that are too large for display in 3DPrint, 3DPrint evaluates the file and determines the largest units that can be used for displaying the part. Choose to change the units in the Choose Units dialog, or keep the selection that 3DPrint chooses and click Next to proceed. Changing the Display Units does not change the part dimensions, or the units the part was created with.

caution.png Important: .wrl (vrml) files will always import in meters. After importing a .wrl file, if you cannot see the model, or see only a part of it, close the window and reopen the file. Change the Display Units to millimeters or centimeters when the Choose Units dialog appears.