Create Label

3DPrint can make a label (raised or flat) on the surface of a part in a variety of fonts and colors. If the part is an .stl file (monochrome), the label will be the same color as the part, if color is applied.

  1. In the 3DPrint 3D View, select the part you want to label.


  1. Orient the view so the surface receiving the label is facing you.


  1. Select Tools > Create Label to display the Label dialog.
  2. Type in the label text, choose a font color, size, and enter the height to raise the label from the surface of the part. (If you want a flat label, enter a zero (0) in the Height from the surface field.) The label text appears in the top, left corner of the 3D View.



  1. Click Place Label.
  2. In the 3D View, point the mouse on the label text and press the left mouse button. Drag the text to the area of the part you want the label to appear. The label will project straight down onto the surface. (Labels are trimmed to follow the surface they reside on, as long as the surface is solid.)

IMPORTANT: If the label does not fit the part, click the Place Label button again and change the text font or size. When finished, click Place Label again and use your mouse to move the label to the part.



NOTE: If you try to project a label onto an empty surface area, 3DPrint will display an error message. You can correct this by changing the text font size to a size small enough to allow the label to fit onto the surface.


Most font types work well with labelling, but there are a few exotic fonts that may create bad edges on the part. If this is the case, 3DPrint will prompt you to change the font.


  1. When you are satisfied with the label placement, click OK in the Label dialog. If you need to start over, select Edit > Undo Label.