A Fixture is a grid-shaped object with a top surface between the bottom-most surface of the part (without actually touching the part) and the bottom of the Build Bed. Generate a Fixture for an entire part, or for a portion of a part, that needs additional support.

3DPrint evaluates the part geometry and generates the smallest Fixture necessary, with minimum use of materials. Fixtures also provide these benefits:

  • Supports parts during automatic powder removal cycle. (ProJet® 660Pro and 460Plus only)
  • Keeps multiple parts from bumping into each other, or into the Build Bed walls, during automatic powder removal (when used with the Make Bumper option). (ProJet® 660Pro and 460Plus only)
  • Supports delicate, thin parts for easy removal from the printer and handling during post-processing.
  • An option for creating Fixtures with holes to allow powder that is trapped between the part and the Fixture to escape.
  • Increases accuracy in the Z-Axis for parts with large overhangs.
  • Helps prevent “squash” effects for hollow cylindrical parts, or parts with overhangs.

NOTE: “Squash” effect results from an overhang being supported only with unprinted powder. For example, if a part is a hollow round cylinder, the weight of the powder above the cylinder will cause it to “squash” to something slightly less than round, if there is no support underneath.