Create a Fixture for an entire part

  1. Select the part in 3DPrint.
  2. Select Tools > Create Fixture. 3DPrint orients the part in the 3D View for building the Fixture.


  1. There are two features you may choose to enable for a Fixture:
  • Make Bumper: To add a bumper to a fixture, check the Make Bumper check box. A bumper will be generated on the Fixture base.
  • Holes between walls: Powder may get trapped between the Fixture and the part. You can generate a Fixture with holes at the grid intersections to allow powder to escape during powder removal. A zero (0) in this field means no holes are generated on the Fixture. The higher the percentage, the larger the holes will be on the Fixture.
  1. Click OK. The Fixture is generated.

The fixture is shown in white on the screen.