ProJet Service Menu Items

The following general Service Menu items are available.


NOTE: Some details of the menu will vary depending on the printer. Refer to your printer’s User Manual for details.

Service Menu items are as follows:

Unpark. Unparks the Fast Axis and carriage for cleaning or servicing.

Auto Alignment. Aligns the print heads after they have been changed (color printers).

Purge Print Heads. Select after changing a print head and before running the alignment test. This runs binder through the print head, replacing the HP ink with binder.

Print Purge Block. Prints a small flat block under the part to help flush the last remnants of black ink out of the HP 11 print head (monochrome printers).

Check Powder Level. Select to have the system check whether there is enough powder in the Feeder and if there is enough room in the Build Bed to complete the current print job.

Fill Bed. Prepares the build to print by filling the Build Bed with powder. This is the equivalent of selecting the Fill Bed command on the Control Panel.

Preheat Printer. Heats the printer to the proper temperature before printing. This may add some time to your overall print time. (ProJet® 460Plus, 660Pro, 860Pro)

Maintenance. Select to view the status of the Fast Axis Bearings, the Slow Axis Bearings, the Piston Screw, the Wash Fluid, and the Waste Tray service items. 3DPrint will automatically prompt you when it is time to perform maintenance on any of these items.


           An example of the Maintenance dialog

Service Print Heads. Select to service the print head if it is not printing well.

Prime Wash Line. Select to push wash fluid through the fluid lines when you first start up your Printer or when you have run out of wash fluid. (ProJet® 660Pro and 860Pro)

Stripe Test. Select to print a stripe test to check the functionality of the print heads.

Toggle Roller On/Off. Select to activate the roller independently for easy cleaning.

Check Status. Checks how much powder is in the Feed Piston, the remaining room in the Build Bed, and the 3DPrint Firmware version.

Print Head Report. Select to view a report of the number of mL printed, temperature levels, and flow rates for the current print heads.

View Printer Log. Select to view the printer log that records historical printer performance.

Upload New Firmware. Select to upgrade the Firmware for your 3D Printer. Contact your local service provider, who will provide you with any required upgrades and instructions for installing. Or, check for updates on the Support section of our Web site:

Upload New Printer Configuration. Select to replace the entire .ini file in the printer. Please only use under the instruction of the 3D Systems Service Department, or an authorized Service Representative.

Edit .INI File, and Edit Printer Name and Feeder Calibration. These features are used during diagnosis. They should only be modified under the instruction of the 3D Systems Service Department, or an authorized Service Representative.