ProJet® 260C, 260Plus, ProJet® 460Plus, ProJet® 660Pro and ProJet® 860Pro

printerstatusdialog2resize.jpg 650printerstatusdialogproblemNEW.jpg

In the example above, the Printer Status dialog on the left (a ProJet 260C, 260Plus or 460Plus) is ready for printing. Notice that each item shows OK, (except for the Build Temperature), and the Print button is enabled. From here you would choose your printing options and click Print to start the job. Before the printer starts printing your file, it will first:

  • fill the Build Bed with powder
  • spread a layer to ensure the Build Bed surface is smooth
  • service the print heads
  • run an alignment pattern if a print head was replaced or removed for cleaning

If there are not enough materials to complete the job, or the printer is not properly prepared, messages appear similar to the example on the right above (a ProJet 660Pro or 860Pro). When any one of these messages appears, with the exception of Head Alignment and Build Temperature, the Print button is disabled. The remainder of this chapter describes how to clear a message in the Printer Status dialog and start the build.

3DPrint allows you to continue and print if:

  • The printer build temperature is still warming up.
  • A Head Alignment will be performed. This is run before the part begins to print.