View Detailed Report

3DPrint writes a Detailed Report of every build printed on your printer and saves it as a text file in the Printer Records\Detailed Reports directory, (unless you choose to save the file to a different directory). The name of the text file consists of the name of the build and a file version. If the same print job is printed several times, a new text file is written for each print job, and the files are distinguished by number.


The View Detailed Report dialog acts as a simple file manager for each report generated. It allows you to view the list of files, to sort them by File Name or Date/Time, to view the contents of each file, and to delete files.
3DPrint will generate a Detailed Report for every build. If you do not want to generate a Detailed Report for every build, uncheck the Create Detailed Report option in the Settings > General Preferences > General tab.