3D Print Setup

The 3D Print Setup dialog is where you confirm or change the printer and powder settings for the current build. Always check your settings in this dialog before starting a print job.


                       3D Print Setup Dialog

Select Settings > Printer Settings > 3D Print Setup to open the 3D Print Setup dialog. Most users will not need to change the settings in this dialog, but should you need to, do the following:

  • To change Printers, choose Select Printer. Choose a connection option and then select the Find button to browse for the printer that is connected to your computer.
  • To change the Powder Type and Layer Thickness, open the drop-down list for each. The powder types listed are those that are available for the printer displayed in the Printer field.
  • Ensure the Bleed Compensation option is checked (available on ProJet® 460Plus, 660Pro and 860Pro). This option is checked by default for the ProJet® 460Plus, 660Pro and 860Pro. See Section 8.4 “Bleed Compensation Overview” for additional information.
Note.png NOTE: Changes made in this dialog will not change your default settings in the Powder Settings dialog. To change the default powder settings, please see Section 8.1 “Create Custom Powder Types”.