3D Print With The ProJet® 160 and ProJet® 360

The following instructions are for the ProJet® 160 and 360 only.

  1. After confirming the printer and powder settings for the current print job, select Home > Build

The Printer Status dialog opens.


  1. 3DPrint checks each item in the Printer Status dialog prior to printing to ensure there are enough materials to complete the current build. See Chapter 5 of this guide for instructions if you see a message to Add Powder, Add Binder, Change Print Head, Raise Build Bed, or Close Cover.
  2. Click the Details button to view usage information specific to the print head, the binder, and the powder levels.
  3. Check or uncheck your Print Job Option for the current build.
  4. The Print button is enabled when each item displays OK. Click Print to start your build. After you click Print:
  • The printer will automatically fill the Build Bed with powder and spread a layer to ensure the top surface is smooth.
  • The printer will service the print head.
  • If you changed the print head, the printer will perform an automatic purge on that head to prepare it for binder, then print a purge block to help flush any remaining black ink out of the HP11 print head.
  1. The Printing dialog opens and reports the build status.