Choose The Default Printer Settings

  1. In 3DPrint, select Settings > Printer Settings to display the Default Printer Settings dialog.


  1. The Port Type field should display Network. To select a different printer, choose Select Printer and follow the steps below. Note: the “Serial” port option is no longer available.
  2. When Select 3D Printer dialog opens, choose Network. The printer your computer is connected to will show up as an option. Select your 3D Printer and click OK.
  3. To connect to another printer, click the Find button and select the printer from the Network Printers drop-down list. Choose an Online printer and click OK.
  4. Click OK on the Select 3D Printer dialog.

3DPrint select printer.jpg

  1. When the Select 3D Printer dialog closes, the Default Printer Settings dialog reopens for you to save your settings. Click the Save As Default button.
  • The printer listed in the Port Name field is saved as the default printer and the Port Type field shows Network or Offline.



NOTE: If you experience difficulty locating your printer through 3DPrint, please contact your local Reseller, or visit the support section of our Web site: