Choose The Default Printer

When you run 3DPrint for the first time, the Default Printer Type dialog opens where you select the printer that is connected to the computer running 3DPrint, as the default printer.

  • Check each printer that is accessible through your network (can be one or more). Each printer you check will appear in the Powder Settings dialog where you can view the powder settings for that printer.
  • Click the radio button beside the printer you want to designate as the default. Only one printer can be the default, but you can change the default at any time by reopening this dialog in 3DPrint (Settings > Printer Type Settings).
  • In the following example, we checked five printers that are available through our network. The ProJet® 660 3D Printer is selected as the default.


  • Click Close when finished. The 3DPrint Splash screen appears. This screen will close on its own after a moment, or you can click OK to close it immediately.
  • Next, the Open dialog appears where you select a file to load in 3DPrint. Browse to the directory on your system where your files are located. The next time access the Open dialog, it will show the path you last browsed to for selecting files.
  • Select a file and click Open. The file opens in the 3DPrint main window. Continue with the next section to choose settings for your default printer.