Check The Default Powder Type Settings

  1. In 3DPrint, select Settings > Powder Settings.
  • The Powder Settings dialog opens and lists each printer previously selected in the Default Printer Type dialog.
  • The default printer is bolded and expanded to show the materials available for use with the printer.
  • The default powder type is also shown in BOLD and its settings populate the right side of the Power Settings dialog.
  1. Select a powder type to view its settings.
caution.png Important: Powder settings cannot be changed unless you create a custom powder type (see Section 8.1 “Create Custom Powder Types”), however, you can override the Layer Thickness, Bleed Compensation, Anisotropic Scaling, and the Fixture Clearance settings for an individual build. We do not recommend changing these, but should you need to:
  • Select File > 3D Print Setup to check/uncheck the Bleed Compensation option, or to choose a different Layer Thickness.
  • Select Transform > Anisotropic Scaling to change the X, Y, and Z settings.
  • Select Edit > Make Fixture to change the Fixture Clearance value.
  1. When finished, click Close.