3DPrint Installation

caution.png IMPORTANT: To avoid problems that may occur during printing, ensure that all screen savers and your power management software are turned off on the computer driving your 3D Printer. Most screen savers and power management software can be turned off in the main Windows screen settings. For additional instructions on how to disable your hardware and software power management, please consult our computer hardware Owner’s Manual.



NOTE: You must have Administrator rights to install 3DPrint correctly.


If you encounter any problems during 3DPrint installation, please contact your local Reseller, or visit the support section of our Web site: https://support.3dsystems.com

  1. Close all running applications and insert the 3DPrint Installation media (typically a USB thumb drive) into your computer.
  2. If the installer does not automatically start, double-click on your drive icon. Double-click on the Setup.exe icon. This starts the 3DPrint installation.
  3. After Setup.exe is launched, you have the option to install the 3DPrint application.
  4. Read the licensing agreement carefully.
  5. Select the destination directory. The Setup program prompts you for a selection and will suggest C:\Program Files\3DPrint Software as the default directory.
  6. It takes several minutes for 3DPrint to install and then you are returned to the desktop.
  • If this is your first time using 3DPrint, proceed with the remainder of this chapter to setup 3DPrint defaults for the printer type and printer settings, and to check the powder type.
  • If your local Reseller has already setup 3DPrint for you, you can skip the remainder of this chapter and proceed with Chapter 2 3DPrint Main Window.