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                     Preferences - Rendering Tab


In fast rendering mode display every: Enter a value in this field to accelerate displaying large files in 3DPrint during fast rendering. The default value is to display every fifth facet. In cases where a file contains a large amount of facets, even fast rendering can be slow. To decrease the time it takes to render, change the facet value to a higher number in order to decrease the number of facets rendered. For example, if the facet value was 500, the software would render every 500th facet.

Offer fast rendering for parts larger than: Check this option to have 3DPrint prompt you to use fast rendering before drawing a part with more than the designated number of facets entered in the Thousand Facets field. You may override these setting for an individual build by selecting Fast Rendering on the View menu.

NOTE: If you have a very fast computer video display, set the facets threshold higher, or uncheck this option. If your computer is slow to draw and refresh the screen, set the facets threshold lower. The recommended threshold is 100,000 facets.

Force fast rendering for individual parts: Models larger than this setting will be fast rendered, even if the rest of the build is not. Improves performance and utility in a mixed build where some models are simple and others have a high facet counts.

Force fast rendering for total display larger than xxx thousand facets: Improves computer stability and display performance with very high facet count models.

Automatically build display list for parts smaller than: Check this option to view the build list for parts that are smaller that the designated amount of facets entered in the Thousand Facets field.

Building the display list pre-compiles facets in OpenGL. This makes rotating, zooming, and panning in 3D smoother. This operation varies in processing time depending on the file size. If the part will not be viewed in 3D, it is not necessary to build the display list. To prevent the software from automatically building the display list, set the threshold to a higher value. You may manually build the display list after you have opened or imported a file by choosing the Make Display List icon on the Toolbar.


Always use full rendering in print status window: In most cases, full rendering can be used in the Printing dialog during printing. For large files, displaying the status of a print job is delayed due to rendering updates. In these situations, uncheck this option and use full rendering. When this option is unchecked, the Printing dialog uses the same rendering mode as the main window.