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Units: Inches and Fahrenheit are the defaults. The Unit settings tell 3DPrint the way that part dimensions and layer thicknesses are displayed in the software, but they do not change the underlying dimensions for the part.

Start in 3D View: Checked by default. Opens your files in 3DPrint in 3D view. At times, parts may take a long time to load and open due to facet size. Importing the file in 2D view reduces the time it takes to open a model in 3D view.

Warn if an entity is out of build box bounds: Checked by default. Enables 3DPrint to display a warning message when your part, or a piece of it, is outside the Build Bed. 3DPrint encloses the object with a red wire frame if it is residing outside of the Build Bed.

Mouse Wheel Scaling: When selected, allows you to change the size of your part by clicking on the part in the Side or Top View, then spinning the mouse wheel.

Detect collision for entities closer than: 3DPrint offers a default collision value for the printer and powder type. Any value entered into this field as a new default will only be in effect when using this combination of printer and material system.

Warn if print head binder usage is going to exceed: Tells 3DPrint to check before printing, whether you will exceed the binder usage value shown in this field. A warning message appears informing you that the print head might not complete the build. You may choose to change the print head, or close the warning and take no action.

Create detailed report: Checked by default. Logs the details of each print job. To view the report details, select View > View Detailed Report.

Activate Maintenance Reminder: Checked by default. Alerts you when it is time to refill the wash fluid, grease the slow and fast axis, or grease the piston screws.