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Recipient e-mail address: Enter the email address of the person who will receive notification about the current build. Email notification is activated only when an email address is entered in this field. You may enter multiple recipients addresses if they are separated by a space and/or a semi-colon.

Sender e-mail address: Enter the email address of the sender or printer. The address cannot contain any separators (i.e. spaces, commas, colons, semi-colons, or tabs). Some SMTP servers require the Sender field to be a valid email address. Check the validity of the Sender email address by clicking the Test email button. If the name of your printer is not recognized as a valid Sender address, enter an email address for the computer that controls the printer, or leave the Sender field blank. In the latter case, the recipient email address will be used as the Sender.

SMTP server IP-address: This field should be left blank unless email notification is not working properly. Consult your system administrator and enter an IP address of your company’s SMTP server. We recommend entering a numerical IP address (not a domain name).

Notify when job is complete: Notifies you when your print job is complete.

Notify when job is aborted: Notifies you when your print job is aborted.

Notify when powder tray is full: Notifies you when your powder tray is full.

Notify when waste bottle is full: Notifies you when the waste bottle is full.

Notify when binder is low: Notifies you when the binder is low.

Notify if an error occurred: Notifies you when an error has occurred.

Notify when the job is going to finish in: Notifies you when your print job will finish at the time specified in the minutes field.

Authentication: In some cases, when entering an SMTP address, the server will ask for login information. Authentication allows you to input a user name and password to use when connecting to a server.

Test E-Mail: Make sure that your combination of Recipient/ Sender email addresses works with your system. Click the Test E-Mail button to open a dialog for entering the subject and text of the testing message.

Test that your message was sent, but more importantly, received. If you have problems with sending email, we recommended leaving the Sender e-mail address field blank.