General Preferences Settings

To view 3DPrint preferences, select Settings > General Preferences. The Preferences dialog consists of eight tabs. Click on a tab to view default settings used in 3DPrint. In most instances, (such as when using Collision Detection, the Make Solid, or the Make Fixture operations), you can override these default settings and input different values or options for the current build using other dialogs.
Each tab contains four buttons, which are described below. Following is a reference section for the options on each General Preferences tab:

  • OK - Click OK to save changes and to update 3DPrint with the current settings.
  • Use Defaults - Click Use Defaults to save the current settings as new default settings in 3DPrint.
  • Reset Factory - Click Reset Factory to clear the current settings and reset the original default settings that were shipped with 3DPrint.
  • Cancel - Click Cancel to close the Preferences dialog without saving changes.