Export .ZPR, .ZPR2, .PLY, or .STL Files

3DPrint has file export capability for .zpr, .zpr2, .ply and .stl files when you need to export a part from the build and alter it. You can only export one .ply, .zpr, or .zpr2 file at a time. You can export multiple .stl parts and keep them relative to each other when they are imported into a third-party software application.

To export a part as a .ply file or a .zpr file:

  1. Select the part. (Only one .ply or .zpr file can be exported at a time.)
  2. Choose Home > Export > Export PLY (or Export ZPR, or Export ZPR2). The part exports with the same scale and orientation. When exported, all parts (except texture maps) retain their texture and color quality.
  • For texture maps, the software will triangulate the part and then assign a color to each triangle. The color and texture of the part may need to be refined. To refine the color and texture, go to Settings > General Preferences > Import/Export tab. Check the Refine texture when export to PLY option.