Create Custom Powder Types

There may be occasions when you need to fine-tune your powder settings. To do so, follow the steps below. The examples show a ProJet® 660Pro as the target printer, but the same general steps apply for all printers.

  1. Select Settings > Powder Settings to display the Powder Settings dialog. Select the Powder Type for your printer type from the left panel. This becomes the Base Powder of your custom powder type.


  1. Select Save As New Powder. Type in a unique name for the new powder. You cannot duplicate powder names.


  1. Enter new values for the Layer Thickness, Shell and Core Saturation Level, Bleed Compensation, and the Fixture Clearance.
  • If you need to discard the new settings and return to the original settings, click the Reset Powder Params button before you save your changes. After you click the Save Powder Params button, the Reset Powder Params. button is disabled.
  • powdersettings650_150.jpg
  1. To make the new powder type your default powder for all of your builds, click the Set As Default Powder button. The default powder is highlighted in bold and these setting are applied to each build unless you set a different powder type as the default.

NOTE: Custom powder type settings are saved on the local directory of your computer. If the build is setup on a different computer, you will not have access to those powder types.


  1. To delete a new custom powder, highlight the powder type and select the Delete Powder button. Confirm your action in the following prompt: