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ProJet 1200 Setup Guide Video

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Spare Part Locator

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Accessory Units

VisiJet FTX Material Storage Shelf.pdf

Customer Information Bulletins

CIB00188_3D_Sprint_2.13_Announcement_CIB_Rev_A.pdf  5/5/2020

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2454_CIB-0818140414_Service and Maintenance items for PJ1200-PS.pdf

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Software Downloads

  1. To register for permanent activation codes please use the 3D Sprint registration landing page here: 

*This request will go into a system, and we will produce activation codes within 48 hours (excluding weekends).


  1. Download the Latest Software:

We are happy to announce that 3D Sprint has now been released! With this release we are transitioning to our well known, and trusted Geomagic (3D Systems) licensing system. You can now activate a fully functioning 30 day trial version of 3D Sprint, but you will need to register for permanent activation codes to continue using the software after the end of the trial period. 

3D Sprint Download Page - For the latest version of 3D Sprint, please visit the download page.

There you can find the information about the latest version including the following:

  • Application Installer
  • What’s New in 3D Sprint
  • Installation Guide for 3D Sprint
  • System Requirements for 3D Sprint


For more support or information please visit or view the latest Application Help for 3D Sprint online.

For more information on the Geomagic licensing system, please see the 3D Systems License Guide

Legacy Software:


Release Notes



Best Practices

2515_1200 Webinar new materials_Dec 2014 update.ppt (Overview of New FTX Material for ProJet 1200)

2450_307696-00 _Clear Coating Application Guide-RevA.pdf

2515_White paper General Guidelines for Casting Jewelry using Visitjet FTX Green and Cast from the Projet 1200 rev 15.pdf

2426_3D Systems FTX Green Casting Burnout Troubleshooting.pdf

2426_R&R Plasticast Investment Application Instructions_060414_3D_FTX Green.pdf

2423_MJSA Beyond Wax_ Casting Photopolymer Resin Models.pdf



3D Systems - ProJet 1200 - Flyer (English US)

3D Systems - ProJet 1200 - Tech Specs - (English US)


NOTE: Whenever you have a problem or a question it is best to contact your reseller directly first.


If the certified partner cannot help you then there is a Customer Support Hotline you can use. If you receive an unrecoverable error message, or if you need to contact us for another problem, you may contact our Customer Support Hotline. Before you call Customer Support with a problem or question, please make sure that you have the following information:

  • The serial number of your ProJet 1200 is printed on a label inside the filter door or by accessing the UI and selecting Tools > Printer Info.
  • A brief description of the problem, including the exact error message.
  • When the problem occurred; for example, when you submitted a job, during the beginning or the end of a print, or after power off recovery, etc.

Customer Support Hotline

Please contact your Customer Support Hotline at one of the following numbers:

  • US and Canada: 888-598-1438
  • UK and EMEA: +44 1442 279883
  • International: +1 803-326-3930


ProJet 1200 service procedures must be performed only by a 3D Systems-certified service technician unless this guide explicitly states otherwise. If your 3D printer system needs service, contact 3D Systems Technical Support at the following numbers:

  • In the United States or Canada, call 800-793-3669
  • In Europe, call +49-6151-357357

You can also contact your local 3D Systems representative.

3D Systems’ support portal is located at

For material safety data sheet, go to