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User Guides

ProX 500 User Guide (Part No. 130412-00, Rev E)

ProX 500 User Guide (Part No. 134012-00, Rev. E) Italian.pdf

ProX 500 User Guide - Part No. 134012-00, Rev. B - Japaneese.pdf

133125-00 Rev A MQC User Interface.pdf

133126-00 Rev A ProX 500 User Maintenance Checklist.pdf

133128-00 Rev A ProX 500 Pre_Post Build Checklist.pdf

DuraForm ProX PA Plastic Material Guide (Part No. 134015, Rev. A).pdf

Duraform ProX GF Material Guide.pdf

SLS Material Selection Guide (1 of 2)

SLS Material Selection Guide (2 of 2)

SLA SLS and DMP Systems Warranty (Oct 2014).pdf

Facility Guide

2602_ProX 500 Facility Guide (Part No. 134011-00, Rev. F).pdf

ProX 500 Facility Guide - Part No. 134011-00, Rev. C - Japanese.pdf

Customer Information Bulletins

CIB00023 Customer Guidance for WannaCrypt attacks.pdf new!

0722_CIB_V6.0 Customer Release Notes.pdf

2602_CIB-SLS01916 - ProX 500 HST Material and Advance Configuration Installation Guide.pdf

CIB - DuraFormProX-PA (No. 0215).pdf

CIB - DuraFormProX-PA (No. 0215).pptx

CIB - Knots on Outline Scan Vectors (75D08).pdf

CIB - Knots on Outline Scan Vectors.pptx

CIB - SinterV5.4_Customer Information Bulletin (No. 0315).pdf

CIB - SinterV5.4_Customer Information Bulletin (No. 0315).pptx

CIB 1601 - Building with DuraForm ProX PA Engineered Thermoplastic.pdf

CIB 1602 - Building with DuraForm ProX GF Engineered Thermoplastic.pdf

Software Downloads

NOTE for Advance Print mode:

It is the customers responsibility to validate results (such as part quality or mechanical properties) at the parameter values they use.

Also, customers should note that 3DSystem’s Field Service might require the use of SP or HP Mode material configuration files during troubleshooting.

Release Notes

0722_CIB_V6.0 Customer Release Notes.pdf