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What`s New

Nothing new at this time

Firmware 660/860

User Guide

22-95052 ProJet x60Pro User Guide Rev B.pdf


_ProJet Warranty (Sept 2015).pdf

Facility Guide


Post Processing

ColorBond Dipping Kit Contents_July 2014.pdf

22-95041 ColorBond User Guide.pdf

Material Guide

22-95039-RevA_VisiJet PXL_User Guide.pdf

ProJet x60 CSK Contents_July 2014.pdf

ColorBond Dipping Kit Contents_July 2014.pdf

Accessory Units

95055 Core Recycling Unit User Manual.pdf

363325-00 Cleaning Station - User Guide - Rev B.PDF

22-95040 ProBench User Manual.pdf

Customer Information Bulletins


Best Practices

Recorded Webinar 

3DS_ZPrinter & ProJet Best Practices -20130625.pdf

Image Projection and Image Wrapping in 3DEdit Pro (video, watch 52:20 - 1:16:15)

Image Projection and Image Wrapping sample & tutorial (start at Step 13)

Vertex Coloring with Blender (video)

Vertex Coloring

UV Mapping with Blender (video)

UV Mapping

Applying Color to Files and ProJet x60 Post-Processing - 11/6/2015

ProJet x60 Series CJP Best Practices Webinar.pdf

2013-08-27 11.01 ColorJet Printing Best Practices.wmv

Quick Reference Guide



Software Downloads

Note.png NOTE: 3D Sprint will replace 3D Edit Pro for file prep and coloring. 3D Print will still be required to print to the x60 Pro series printer.

3D Print


3D Sprint

  1. To register for permanent activation codes please use the 3D Sprint registration landing page here: 

*This request will go into a system, and we will produce activation codes within 48 hours (excluding weekends).


  1. Download the Latest Software:

We are happy to announce that 3D Sprint has now been released! With this release we are transitioning to our well known, and trusted Geomagic (3D Systems) licensing system. You can now activate a fully functioning 30 day trial version of 3D Sprint, but you will need to register for permanent activation codes to continue using the software after the end of the trial period. 

Click 3D Sprint - to download the latest version of 3D Sprint

To view the latest changes, please see the What's new in 3D Sprint


For more support or information please visit or see the pdf guides below.


Application Help for 3D Sprint

Installation Guide for 3D Sprint

System Requirements for 3D Sprint

3D Systems License Guide