Network Issues

# Issue Description Customer Troubleshooting Steps
NI1 Computer unable to connect to printer because of network firewalls Contact your network administrator. The printer's IP address must be added as an exception on your firewall. You can find the printer's IP address by going to the Settings tab on the touch screen.
NI2 Unable to use proxy server for connection Proxy servers are not supported on this machine.
NI3 Unable to set static IP address from machine
  1. Please contact your network administrator to ensure you have a DHCP server and that it is set up correctly.
  2. Ensure that DHCP is enabled in the printer settings.
NI4 Printer unable to verify materials over network/Printer asks to "select previously scanned bottle"

Contact your network administrator to ensure that:

  1. is made as an exception on your firewall.
  2. Port 443 is open.
NI5 Cannot connect to Internet via USB dongle Internet connection via USB is not available on this machine.
NI6 I am not sure if my network cable is bad Use the cable on another device, such as a computer, to test it.