Submit Build File via USB

If you do not want to submit your build file over a network, you may save the build file to a USB drive and upload it to the printer. This section assumes you have prepared the build file in 3D Sprint and transferred the file to a USB device.

NOTE: The printer only accepts USB drives formatted in FAT32 or NTFS. If you experience issues with the printer reading your USB device, you can troubleshoot by turning the power switch on the back of the printer off, and then on again. If you continue to experience issues, contact your reseller.


  1. At any time, even during printing, you may insert a USB device with .pxl files on it. The printer will automatically look for these files and show the screen at the right if it finds them. Tap Dismiss if you do not wish to transfer USB files at this time. Tap Select Jobs to bring up a list of the .pxl files on the USB device.

NOTE: Only .pxl build files will work on the printer.

  1. Tap the checkbox next to each print job you wish to add to the printer queue. When you have selected all the files you wish to add to the queue, tap Add to Queue.

NOTE: The printer can store up to 32 queued jobs at a time.

  1. You will see a screen like the one at the right to confirm that your jobs have been added to the print queue. Tap Continue to go back to the screen the printer was on before this process.
usb jobs have been submitted.jpg