Set Up Printer On Network

An offline setup for your printer is also available. Contact your reseller for more information. Follow the instructions below to set up your printer on your network.

  1. Open 3D Sprint.
  2. If the Printer dialog box is not already open, click the printer-icon.jpg icon in the upper-left-hand corner (1).
  3. In the Printer dialog box, click the Find Printer button (2). 3D Sprint should find your printer on the network. If this does NOT happen, enter your printer's IP address in the Find by printer IP field (3) and press Enter. The printer's IP address can be found on the printer's touch screen by going to the Settings tab (see below).
  4. Click the NextDent 5100 icon (4) that comes up. Click Next (5).

NOTE: You must make the printer's IP address an exception on your network's firewall.



There are many different resins, resin shades, and print modes to choose from. Please see the Print-Material Styles Chart for an overview of these. 

  1. Click the icon of the print material you will use in your build. Click Next.
  1. Click the icon of the resin shade you are using and click Next.
  1. Click the icon of the build style you will use in your build. Click Set.