Bottle Scanning Errors

When you scan the resin bottle, either during the printing process or from the Material screen, you could see several different screens besides indicating certain issues.

Bottle ID Not Found


When you see this screen, it can mean any one of the following:

  1. Your bottle's QR code is damaged in some way.
    1. If this is the case, please try to scan your QR code again.
    2. If it still does not scan properly, please contact 3D Systems Support. Then proceed to the section QR Code Override.
  2. The QR code scanned is not from a resin the printer recognizes.
    1. If this is the case, you must scan a bottle of Figure 4 resin for the printer to accept it.
  3. The QR code was simply not read correctly.
    1. If this seems to be the case, scan the bottle again, ensuring you hold your hand steady and that the red target circle is on the QR code.
      scanning target.jpg

No Network Available


The printer needs to be connected to the internet to verify scanned print material. If you see this screen, it means that your printer is not connected to the internet. Contact your network administrator to troubleshoot network issues and tap Try Again. If your internet is connected and functional, but the printer still shows this screen, a printer restart might be required.

Bottle Expired


You will see this screen when the printer sees that your print-material bottle has passed its expiration date. At this time, you may:

  1. Tap Try Again to scan another bottle of material.
  2. Tap Continue to use the expired bottle of material.

Scanned Bottle is Same Type as Previous Bottle (Material Tab Only)


When changing material through Add/Change Print Material in the Material tab, the printer is expecting you to scan a bottle of material that is different than the last one used. If you scan a bottle of the same material type, you will see this screen. At this time, you may:

  1. Tap Scan Again to scan a bottle of different material, or
  2. Tap Continue to keep using the same print material. If this bottle has not been used before, the printer will store its serial number and begin to keep track of its usage. If this bottle has been used before, nothing will change.

Scanned Bottle is Nearly Empty


Every time you scan a resin bottle, the printer will keep track of the scan as one "pour" from that bottle. When you are nearing the maximum amount of pours allowed for that bottle, you will see this screen. This screen is meant to prepare you so that you have a mixed bottle of resin ready when your old bottle runs out, ensuring that you experience the least amount of downtime as possible in between builds. At this point, you may:

  1. Tap Scan Again to scan a new bottle.
  2. Tap Continue to keep using this bottle.

Scanned Bottle is Empty


When you have reached the maximum amount of pours available for your resin bottle (see above), you will see this screen. Tap Scan Again to scan a new bottle; or tap Continue to use the current bottle. If you continue printing with the current bottle, you will receive three more warning messages until the printer will no longer allow you to use that bottle. You will see the screen below:


Tap Cancel to go to the previous screen. Tap Scan Again to scan a new resin bottle.

Wrong Bottle Scanned


You will see this screen if you scan a bottle of material during the printing process that is not the same as the print material sent over from 3D Sprint in the build file.