Add/Change Print Material

Once a material type has been loaded, this is the material that the printer is expecting for the next print job. But you may wish to change the type of resin you are using. Most of the time, you will be changing the material as part of the printing process. However, you can also tap the Change Material button at the bottom of the Material tab home screen to change the material type to be used on your next print. You can also use this screen to add print material for the first time. If you have not yet activated your printer, you must do so in order to get through the following steps. Please see the section Printer Activation for more information.

NOTE: The screens in this section will be slightly different depending on whether you are changing the material type or adding material for the first time.


  1. On the Material tab, tap the Change Material button.
  1. The scanner below the touch screen will be activated and you will see a screen like the one at the right. Hold your material bottle's QR code in the path of the scanner such that the center dot is in the middle of the QR code (see image below).

CAUTION: The printer keeps track of how much resin is used from your bottle. Ensure you are pouring from the same bottle you scanned. Using one bottle to scan and another to pour from will result in the printer thinking your bottle is empty after a certain amount of pours.


  1. If the scan is successful, you will see the Bottle Found screen, like the one at the right. If the scan is not successful, this could be for a number of reasons, which are outlined in the section Bottle Scanning Errors.
  1. Perform the steps in the section Physical Steps to Change the Print Material and check the boxes on the screen as you go. Tap Continue.
  2. This will bring you back to the Material tab, with your new material loaded.