Power on Modular System

Your 3D Systems certified installer should have powered on your system for you. However, if the system or any of its components have unexpectedly shut down, or if you have shut them down, this section describes how to start up the system's components.

Power on Controller

  1. The power button is located just above the power inlet. Flip this to the I position.
  2. Give the system a few moments to boot up. The Controller's touch screen will eventually bring up the Modular GUI (graphical user interface).
  3. This does not power on the Printers.

Power on Printer

CAUTION: Ensure that all machine doors are closed before starting it up.

  1. Press the power buttons on all Printers.
  1. The LED in the power button will turn white and, assuming all printable conditions are met, the GUI will boot up to the screen at the right. If those conditions are not met, you will see screens instructing you on what to do for the machine to be ready to print.