Optional Accessories

Ultrasonic Cleaner - Along with this, you should have stainless-steel and/or glass containers in which to place printed parts during cleaning. For Figure 4 Materials, while ultrasonic cleaning is not required, it is the recommended method of cleaning printed parts.

NOTE: 3D Systems does not supply an ultrasonic cleaner. Please purchase the cleaner that is best for you from your local supplier.

This image is for example purposes only and is not a recommendation or endorsement of any brand of ultrasonic cleaner.
Cartridge Stand - Modular material cartridges have features on the bottom that prevent them from standing up straight on their own in storage. The cartridge stand has a groove cut out to accommodate these features to allow the cartridge to stand up. bottle-stand.jpg
Material Changeover (MCO) Kit - If you would like to run different materials on the same printer, you must have an MCO kit on-hand. Please see the section Material Changeover for more information. mco-tubing-kit-cut-out.jpg