Service and Support

NOTE: Whenever you have a problem or a question it is best to contact your reseller directly first.

If the certified partner cannot help you then there is a Customer Support Hotline you can use. If you receive an unrecoverable error message, or if you need to contact us for another problem, you may contact our Customer Support Hotline. Before you call Customer Support with a problem or question, please make sure that you have the following information:

  • The serial number of your Figure 4 Modular Printer, which is printed on a label inside the bottom electrical panel on the back of the printer. Be sure to shut down the printer before opening this cabinet. Or:
  • The serial number of your Figure 4 Modular Controller which is printed on a label inside the rear panel, on the right-hand wall.
  • A brief description of the problem, including the exact error message.
  • When the problem occurred; for example, when you submitted a job, during the beginning or the end of a print, or after power off recovery, etc.

If you are calling about a failed build, please make sure that you have the following information:

  • Job parameters, if set differently from the defaults
  • .f4x file, if not restricted by company policy
  • Log files with timestamp. Please see the Diagnostics Logs section for more information.
  • Relevant pictures and/or videos
  • If evident, the steps you took that produced the error
  • 3D Sprint version
  • Controller and Printer firmware/software versions. Please see the FW/SW Versions section for more information.

Customer Support Hotline

Please contact your Customer Support Hotline at one of the following numbers:

  • US and Canada: 888-598-1438
  • UK and EMEA: +44 1442 279883
  • International: +1 803-326-3930


Figure 4 Modular service procedures must be performed only by a 3D Systems-certified service technician unless this guide explicitly states otherwise. If your Figure 4 Modular system needs service, contact 3D Systems Technical Support at the following numbers:

  • In the United States or Canada, call 800-793-3669
  • In Europe, call +49-6151-357357

You can also contact your local 3D Systems representative.

3D Systems’ support portal is located at

For safety data sheets of Figure 4 resins, go to