Cleaning the Printer

The external and internal parts of the Printer should be cleaned according to the guidelines in the following sections. The list below provides a quick overview:

  1. As needed, clean the facility flooring/walls/surfaces around the Printer with isopropyl alcohol (IPA) to ensure that any material drips have been wiped up. For cleaning dust and other debris, use a small vacuum or other method that does not kick up dust clouds.
  2. As needed, clean the outside Printer frame, EXCEPT FOR THE UPPER-BUILD-CHAMBER DOOR, with IPA and a nonabrasive cloth. Please see the section Inspect Upper-Build Chamber Door for instructions on cleaning it.
  3. Use IPA and a nonabrasive cloth to clean the elevator arms.
  4. The following sections will give instructions on how to remove and clean specific parts of the Printer. Please review all sections before cleaning your Printer to ensure you are properly cleaning each component.
  5. Disable each Printer you are working on before performing any cleaning. To do this:
  1.  Go to the Status tab and tap on the printer card for the printer you wish to disable. This will expand the card.
  1. Tap the Enable switch to toggle it off. You have now disabled the Printer. To re-enable it, simply return to this tile and tap the Enable toggle switch again.