Changing Out the Carbon Filter

You should change the carbon filter once per year, or if printer fumes become excessive. To change the carbon filter:

  1. On the back of the machine, unlock the two latches on the top door to access the carbon-filter bracket.
  1. Remove the four knobs that secure the carbon-filter bracket in place.
  1. Remove the carbon-filter bracket and the filter will drop down. Discard the filter according to all government regulations.
  2. Place your new carbon filter in the bracket, as shown. There is not a specific airflow direction; so X/Y orientation is all that matters. Be sure to install it with the metal flaps at the top, relative to the printer (see below).


  1. Insert the bracket with the new filter into the machine as shown, being sure to move any wires/cables that may be in the way.
  1. Line up the four holes of the bracket with the four holes on the Printer. Reinstall the four thumb screws to secure the bracket in place. To line up the bracket easier, it is helpful to install thumb screws on opposite corners first, as in the image at the right.
  1. Close the top door and lock the latches by pushing on the levers.