Upper Print Engine

Each Printer you ordered has one print engine. This section provides an overview of a print engine's upper components.

Front of upper engine

A Upper-Limit Stop - The upper limit of the elevator's motion

Elevator Arms - Hold the print platform during part building


Elevator Spine - The elevator block/motor, and the resin-tray chassis, are attached to this.

D Print-Platform Sensor - Senses whether or not there is a print platform on the elevator arms
E Material Tube Cap Holder - Use the round bracket as a holder for your material tube's cap, to prevent misplacement.
F Material-Delivery Tube - Delivers material to the resin tray as needed from the MDM.
G Material-Level Sensor - This detects the level of material in the resin tray. A detection of a lower level of material will trigger the MDM to pump more material into the tray. This sensor also functions as a resin-tray-presence sensor; it will be triggered by the absence of a resin tray.
H Lower-Limit Stop - The lower limit of the elevator's motion

Pneumatic Tension Arms - These arms close over the resin tray to tension the resin-tray film during printing.

J Resin-Tray Chassis - Holds the resin tray in place above, and also holds the catch tray and projector in place underneath.