Material Delivery Module (MDM)

Each Printer has one Material-Delivery Module (MDM), which contains a resin cartridge and supplies resin to the resin tray via a pump and resin-delivery tube. When your cartridge is close to being empty, the Controller GUI and Printer GUI will let you know so that you can prepare to install a new resin cartridge.

WARNING: The SYSTEM operator is not authorized to modify the MDM configuration. Only a 3D Systems certified service technician is permitted to make such modifications. if the operator attempts such changes, it risks irreparable damage to the system.

MDM Components


A cartridge Chute - Load the resin cartridge into this chute. Please see the section Load Resin cartridges for more information.
B cartridge Coupler/MCO Door - This coupler connects to the resin-cartridge valve at the bottom of the cartridge chute. It opens/closes the cartridge valve to start/stop resin flow into the first set of tubing. The coupler is behind the MCO Door. See the Resin-Presence Sensor section below to see the door open.
C cartridge-Coupler Release - Pull the cotter pin and rod out to release the MCO Door and expose the cartridge Coupler. Only do this in the Material Changeover Procedure.
D Resin Pump - This is a peristaltic pump that facilitates the flow of resin into the resin tray in the upper build chamber. Consists of the Resin-Pump Motor and Resin-Pump Cover.
E Pump-Delivery Tube - Delivers resin from the cartridge to the resin pump.
F Resin-Tray Delivery Tube - Delivers resin from the resin pump to the resin tray in the upper build chamber
G Drip Tray - This tray is meant to catch any resin drips or leaks within the MDM. Please see the section Clean Drip Tray for more information.

Resin-Presence Sensor

When you open up the MCO Door to expose the whole valve, as in the Material Changeover procedure, you will also see a Resin-Presence Sensor. This consists of two clamps that can sense if there is resin flowing in the MDM tubing.

MDM Resin Path

The image at the right shows where the flow of resin originates and where it ends in the machine. mdm-tube-path-draw.png

cartridge Chute


A Eject Button - Press this button to release the resin cartridge from the cartridge chute.
B cartridge Guide - Engages the cartridge Key to ensure the resin cartridge is installed in the correct orientation
C cartridge Chute - The resin cartridge is loaded into this area.
D Resin cartridge Coupler - When the resin cartridge is fully seated, this coupler attaches the cartridge to the MDM.
E Resin cartridge Chip Reader - The resin cartridge has an ID chip inside that is read by this reader.
F MDM Handle - Grab the MDM by this handle to pull it out of the Printer and push it back in.

MDM Closed/Open

The MDM slides in and out of the Printer on tracks. It does not come detached from the machine in normal operation. Only 3D Systems Service may remove the MDM from its tracks. Please see the images below, which show the MDM fully closed and fully open.

mdm-closed-draw.jpg mdm-open-draw.jpg
MDM closed MDM open