Catch Tray


Catch tray, installed

A Catch-Tray Rails - Guide catch tray into position and hold it in place.
B Catch-Tray - Protects the print engine from print material spills. Please note that you will receive a new catch tray with each resin tray ordered.

Catch tray, top

A Catch-Tray Glass - Allows optical radiation to pass through the catch tray to the bottom layer of material.
B Collection Areas - The catch tray is designed such that any material spilled over it will be channeled into these areas.

Catch Tray, side

A Catch-Tray Rail Catch - Allows the catch tray to ride along the catch tray rails on the underside of the printer chassis
B Catch-Tray Slider Stop - This allows the catch tray to stop moving forward when the tray has reached its rear limit during installation.