Lower Build Chamber


A Chamber Lights Button - Press this button to toggle the upper-build chamber's lights on/off. These lights illuminate the upper build chamber.
B Catch Tray - Protects the bottom of the print engine from material spills. Please note that you will receive a new catch tray with each resin tray ordered. Please see the section Catch Tray for more information.
C Tension Toggle Button - Use this button to toggle the pneumatic-tension arms on/off.
D MDM Handle - Use this handle to slide the MDM in and out of the machine.
E Material Delivery Module (MDM) - Pumps material from a cartridge to fill the resin tray in the upper build chamber. Please see the section Material Delivery Module (MDM) for more information.
F Printer Drip Tray - This removable tray catches any material drips or spills that may occur in the machine.


The projector is located behind the MDM (item E, above). It projects optical radiation onto the underside of the Resin Tray, causing a reaction that polymerizes the material for each printed layer.