Houses a print engine, material-delivery module (MDM), pneumatics system, and exhaust system.

Printer Front

A Light Stack - Show the status of the Printer using different, colored lights.
B Local GUI - LCD touch screen that shows either the current state of the Printer, or a single-button action the operator may take on the Printer
C Power Button - Switches the Printer on or off

D Upper Build Chamber - Contains the upper parts of the print engine, the print platform, and resin tray. The upper-build-chamber door is made of orange acrylic, so as to be transparent while not allowing external UV light into the build chamber.
E Lower Build Chamber - Contains the lower parts of the print engine, as well as the Material Delivery Module (MDM) and pneumatics system.

Printer Back

A External Ventilation Bracket - (not seen) Air flow from the Printer is directed by an exhaust fan through this bracket. You may connect this bracket to external ventilation if desired.
B Carbon Filter Access Door - This compartment contains the carbon filter, as well as some electrical cable routing.
C Electronics Cabinet - This compartment houses the electronics terminals. Only 3D Systems Service should access this cabinet.
D Compressed Air Inlet - The Printer hooks up to your compressed air system via this inlet.
E Power Inlet - Connect your Printer's power cable female end into this inlet.
F Ethernet Inlet - Connect the Printer to your network via this inlet.

Back of LED Light Stack

A Mini-USB Port - Allows for micro-USB-to-USB 2.0/1.1 connection for light-stack programming. Only 3D Systems Certified Service Personnel should access this USB port. Charge/data-transfer USB Male-USB (MicroB) male not included with printer.