Houses the touch screen user interface, control computer, and inputs for network cable, shop air, and power.

Front View

A Graphical User Interface (GUI) - This is the touch screen that controls all the functions of the Figure 4 Modular system. For more information, please see the section User Interface. You can also use the included Bluetooth keyboard/trackpad to interact with this screen.
B USB Ports - There are two USB ports here, to allow for USB drives and other devices to interface with the machine.
C Storage Shelves - Use these shelves to store frequently used equipment, documentation, and material cartridges

Storage Access Door - You may open this door at any time, regardless of system status.

E Casters - Allow the Controller to move easily throughout a facility. However, the module must be connected to power and Ethernet during operation.

Back View

A Monitor Mount - Allows monitor to tilt up and down. Also routes video and data connections through to the Controller Computer. Only 3D Systems Service should remove the monitor from the mount and replace any cables.
B Monitor Inputs - All video and data connections for the touch screen interface here. Only 3D Systems Service should remove/replace these cables.
C Access Door - Allows access to the back panel. Only 3D Systems Service should access this panel.
D Power Switch - Located just above the power inlet, use the power switch to power the Controller on/off.
E Power Inlet - Plug the Controller's power cable into this inlet.
F Ethernet Port A - Use this port to plug in your internet cable for both networking setups. This port cannot be used to connect to a dedicated printer LAN.
G Ethernet Port B - Use this port for Dedicated Printer LAN network setup. This port cannot be used as internet input.