Running a Resin Tray Cleaning After a Failed Build

Any time you experience a failed build, there can possibly be partially cured material either floating in the resin tray or stuck to the resin-tray film. Because of this, you must perform a Resin Tray Cleaning after a failed build, even if floating debris in the tray is not obvious. The following steps describe the process.

  1. Remove the print platform from the machine. This print does not need to adhere to the print platform and might be difficult to remove from the platform.
remove print plat.gif
  1. On the Controller's Status tab, navigate to the Printer you wish to run the cleaning job on and expand its menu. Open the Resin-Tray menu and tap the resin tray cleaning btn.jpg button to start the resin-tray-cleaning process.
  1. If you navigate to the Queue tab, you will see that the Cleaning Job has moved into the print queue.
  1. On the Printer local display, you will see the screen at the right. Remove the print platform from the machine, if you have not already done so. Close the upper-build-chamber door and tap the active-checkbox.jpg button to begin the cleaning print.
  1. The cleaning print will now begin. This build cannot be aborted, even if you trip a safety switch. It must complete once it is started. You will note there is a progress bar on the Controller's Status tab in the printer card for the Printer running the build. There is also an identical progress bar on the Queue tab, and on the Printer's GUI. The cleaning job will always last for five minutes, regardless of the material used. This allows time for the build to complete and settle in the resin tray.


  1. Once the cleaning print has completed, you will see the following messages on the Printer touch screen and on the Controller:


  1. To remove the cleaning build, put on 100% nitrile gloves and pull the printed sheet out of the resin tray. Have a paper towel or drip tray handy to place the printed sheet in.

TIP: It may be useful to use the Resin Mixer or your gloved finger to get under the sheet and help pull it out.

  1. Post-process and cure the printed sheet so that you can throw it out in regular trash.