Code Red Messages

The following are common Code Red Messages and their definitions. This is not a complete list, but is to made to give an example of each type of Context Button on a Code Red screen.

Printer Message Definition
local-gui-door-open.jpg Screens like this ask the operator to perform a critical action to avoid, or recover from, a failure. The local-gui-cont-btn.jpg box will be grayed out, and not interactive, until the action is complete. In this case, you would close the Printer's top door and tap the checkbox.
local-gui-abort-screen.jpg This screen appears after either an operator abort or an automatic abort.
local gui print job aborted.jpg Screens like this appear after a failure of some kind. It requires immediate attention to prevent either damage to the Printer or future builds. In this case, the aborted job must be removed to prevent it from dropping into the resin tray. You would also need to run a resin-tray cleaning.


Screens like this appear in the event of a build failure. You must remove the failed build from the Printer immediately to prevent potential damage to the unit and/or future print jobs. Tap the restart-build-btn.jpg button to restart the print job; or simply remove the job from the print queue.