Add a Job to the Print Queue via USB

If you output your build file to a USB device, this section will guide you through submitting that print job to the Controller.

  1. On the Controller, navigate to the Queue tab. Tap the + button to begin the Add Job wizard.
  1. The Add Job wizard will pop up. Insert your USB device into the open slot on the Controller and tap Select File.
  1. On the next screen, tap the file(s) you wish to add to the queue and tap Add.

TIP: Tap a selected file again to deselect it.

  1. You will see a file-upload screen.
  1. Once the first build-file upload completes, you will start to see screens like the one at the right for each build file uploaded. If desired, fill out a Description (1) for your print job(s). You are required to select a Module (2) to which to send the print job. All other fields are read-only. Auto is selected by default; but you can tap the dropdown menu to see a list of all Printers connected to this Controller. Select one of the units under the heading MODULES WITH SAME MATERIAL. Please see the section Job Queue Assignment for a full explanation of Auto and Manual print queue assignment.

CAUTION: Selecting a Printer from under the heading, "MODULES WITH OTHER MATERIALS," is not advised. The material selected for the job in 3D Sprint drives the creation of supporting architecture and other printer settings that are optimized for that material. Printing a job intended for one material with a different material strongly risks a failed build and, thus, wasted material.

  1. Once you have filled out all the screens from Step 5, the Add Job wizard will close and send you back to the Queue tab. Whether you chose Auto or Manual job assignment, your print job(s) will appear in one of two sections of the Queue:
    1. Active Print Jobs - If the assigned Printer IS ready to print, your job will appear here. The print job will begin on the assigned unit.
    2. Pending Print Jobs - If the assigned Printer is NOT ready to print, your job will appear here. Within this section, you may tap on a print job to select it and move it throughout the print queue using the control buttons (c) at the top of the screen.